Jan 11, 2022

More Vinyl

pretty old news, but somehow i totally forgot to post this when it was new... shame. so here goes:

the music is awesome, by the way.

Jul 14, 2021

We Don't Fear The Dark!

 i really have to catch up with updating this site.... 

amongst others there was this nice little picture book published at LOEWE.

it's called Wir haben doch keine Angst im Dunkeln! and features nice little flaps

you can open to see what really hides in the dark, once the kids turn on the flash light! :)

My New Home At Bilderkammer

i'm happy to announce that i recently joined the club at the illustration agency Bilderkammer!

from now on, for all inquiries and questions, 

please send an e-mail to Carolin Steffens via c.steffens@bilderkammer.de 




Feb 12, 2021

Up Yours, Lockdown!

 it's forbidden to have fun right now because of the covid,

but it's not forbidden to REMEMBER having fun, is it?

Apr 1, 2020

Ratz + Mimi!

i really don't know how it happened,
but it seems i completely forgot to mention these cute little guys here: Ratz & Mimi!
there are already two books about them, both written by Franziska Gehm,
and i got to illustrate their adventures and shenanigans...
so here are some colorful scenes from the jungle to brighten the day!