Jan 31, 2020

Vincent The Bat

do you remember Vincent, the loud-mouthed little bat
that lives in Otto's wardrobe and backpack in the "Scary Harry" books?
well he's got his own thing going on over there at Loewe's new WOW! series...

first thing he has to learn is looking for room mates can be a real drag!

Aug 22, 2019

Do Not Open! #4

this time it suddenly got pretty hot in the little hometown of Nemo and his friends...
you'll never guess why. :-)

Aug 21, 2019

Scary Harry VII

Harry and the others are dealing with mysterious spies this time
and travel through Moscow's other side...

Aug 14, 2019

Long Time No Update

oh boy, did i neglect this whole blog thing...

too much stuff had to be drawn!
but i'll try and put some new stuff on here asap
(or at least stuff that's not on here yet even if it
came out last year or so...)

Nov 21, 2018

Summer Is Gone

...but i have some very nice memories of it :)

Nearly Forgot We Woke Even More Dead...

since there is always too much to do
i almost forgot to show some pictures from the "Finstersteins" books II and III...
oh man. here are some:

and some more

Jun 28, 2018

Do Not Open! #3

aaaaand once again, Nemo and his friends Fred and Oda find a mysterious box in the mail,
clearly containing nothing but trouble! this time they're smarter and return it to
the post office, but then they have to find out it's not that easy to get out of the whole thing:
the box explodes, the content escapes, and then eternal night falls over Boring...

find out who they have to deal with this time and get the new book from Carlsen!