Jun 28, 2018

Do Not Open! #3

aaaaand once again, Nemo and his friends Fred and Oda find a mysterious box in the mail,
clearly containing nothing but trouble! this time they're smarter and return it to
the post office, but then they have to find out it's not that easy to get out of the whole thing:
the box explodes, the content escapes, and then eternal night falls over Boring...

find out who they have to deal with this time and get the new book from Carlsen!

...Scary Harry VI!

since i didn't take care of the blog too well lately, this is actually pretty old news...
but here's another episode of Scary Harry and his weird friends!
go get it at the Loewe Verlag webshop... or your local book store, even better.

Dustbowl Blues #6

once again the guys from the Flying Saucers Kustom Klub
are racing their vintage machines in the dirty hills of Langemala, Sweden,
and i got to contribute another poster for the event! go Saucers!