Jan 30, 2014

German Edition of "The Wrong Pong"!

in 2013 i had the chance to illustrate the german edition
of Steven Butler's "The Wrong Pong", published by Carl Ueberreuter.
it's called "PLONG! Hier kommt Pong!" (i didn't invent that...)

it will be in stores not before the middle of  february,
but you can get a preview glimpse at Neville Brisket's
german adventures here and then you could very well head over
to the book store and place an order... oh, yes, you could.

Jan 29, 2014

More Ingenious Scatterbrain Felix Rohrbach: Part IV

...aaaaaaaaaaand another book that is in the stores from now on:

new adventures of ARENAs Felix, Musti and the others, this time in Japan! fun!
the book is called "Erst der Spass, dann das Vergnuegen" and, amongst others,
contains the following high class illustrations:

Books Galore: Scary Harry Part II

a few of the books i worked on over the last year are finally up for sale!

there's a new Scary Harry book ("Todgesagte leben länger") with new adventures
of Otto, Emily and Harry the reaper - and Vincent the bat, of course!

(Cover Dummy)