Jul 31, 2012

Jul 27, 2012

A History Of Violence

while digging in my "90s-Graffiti-Stuff" crate i came across this drawing here.
kind of scared me... always a little awkward to go far back in your old drawings,
because it brings long forgotten states of mind back to light.

Man has invented wonderful things

certain people may notice this fine piece of machinery is equipped
with a modified GM big block water pump instead of the OEM part.
or so i've been told by someone recently.

be that as it may, me likey Chrysler Firepower.

Martial Slogans

I was feeling utterly reactionary this morning. Can't help it. I'll print this on shirts, i think. Or stickers?

Jul 24, 2012

The Mummy

this fellow made its first appearance in our FORHELVETE t-shirt brand in 2006,
but i have a vague feeling it might be coming back to live...

Ingenious Scatterbrain Part 2

more from Felix Rohrbach and his friends.

Jul 20, 2012

Mysterious Car

i don't think they ever built this...
but if they did i wanna have one, now please.
pretty please with sugar on top?

it would be like 6 metres long, and rock solid of course.
and fast.

and yes i would scrape that iron cross off the bumper.

it's an old drawing.
they used to have those that when i drew it, i saw them.
in sweden, they did.
everyone did.
but now you don't do that anymore, so...

Ingenious Scatterbrain Part 1

illustrations i did for ARENAs "Knapp vorbei ist auch daneben- Ein genialer Chaot packt aus"
which hit the book stores last month. behind the kind of unwieldy title lies a fun story which gave
me lots of room for nonsense-psycho-weirdo-doodling-on-the-phone-style illustrations.

Jul 19, 2012

Straight from the Sandbox

small town, broad chest.

in fact, our chests were everything but broad.
most of them, anyway.
but, hey....

Jul 18, 2012

Greenbacks when I'm hard off

that's right, it's easy to draw your own money.

only trouble is nobody takes it...

these were done for eggertspiele in 2009, for the boardgame "In Cash We Trust"
(english title was chosen after the slogan i drew on the 50.000 bill )

Navel-Twins Part 1

Cover-Illustration i drew for the first of  ARENAs Navel-Twins Books in 2011.

Jul 12, 2012

Surf the Kadett

Kadett B.
My first car... loved it! 
The drawing was made some years later,
most likely when i remembered how cool it was
to own one.

...some more of little Ida