Mar 19, 2014

I Had No Idea

the time came to draw a new flyer/poster
for my good friends from the DEAFMEN,
and i really didn't know what to do -
then i remembered a guy i always wanted to draw.

in the end i thought it goes together quite well, doesn't it?
anyway, i had fun and i like the spooky look.

Mar 18, 2014


when i was prowling around Leipzig book fair i noticed a green sticker
on the front of the Scary Harry books displayed at the LOEWE booth...
looking closer i found:
Harry got chosen for Lesekompass 2014!
congratulations to Sonja Kaiblinger and the whole reaper-gang!

Vincent is stoked...and me, too, of course.

one proud bat...

Mar 4, 2014

Dance The Funky Chicken!

the varieté lettering is done and of course
i just HAD to draw some stupid monsters again...