Sep 28, 2012

Sep 26, 2012

The End Is Near

a very nice season is nearly over.
almost time for the boat to get into the dry dock...

let's hope for a dry and sunny fall.

Sep 24, 2012

Left Hand Joe

drawings from a shoot-em-up online game for the Sparkasse i made for GfG Bremen in 2009.

Copics and Silver Markers Part II

'98 must have been when i discovered the 3rd dimension...
i remember exactly where i sat when i did this.
old drawings are like time machines sometimes.
and i really wonder who told us to write all that stupid stuff
next to the pictures... 

Are We There Yet?

another illustration that was printed in Gruenschnabel magazine.

Sep 22, 2012


his arms are too long and his jacket is ugly. but i'm sure he's quite a nice guy.

Sep 20, 2012

Daddy's Making Monsters

ideas at the touch of a button?
simple as that.
thanks to my evil idea recharger that i built in the back garden shed
during a thunder storm at night earlier this summer.

Copics and Silver Markers

from the late 90s crate. i can hardly read them any more... 

Sep 17, 2012

Honey Honey

since i know someone who is a beekeeper now,
i recently had the chance to design some neat little labels for his honey.
it's delicious!

bsssssssss bsssssssssss bssssssssssssssssssssss buzz buzz.
photos of the dummy glas.
of course the professional printed labels do not have the handcut edges anymore, but i like the look...


i want some. now.

Sep 15, 2012

Cowboy Bean

Uwe Moelter of Amigo asked me to take part in a charity project
for the Bohnanza anniversary and draw a picture of a kidney bean.
since a kidney bean was always called a cowboy bean when i was a child,
this came out.
the original drawing will be for sale at one of the charity auctions.

Sep 13, 2012

Weird Old Things

found this in the crate, i rembember vaguely that i drew it
for a good friend and that it used to hang on his wall in black and white.


Sep 12, 2012

Filter Project

here are some drawings i did for a recent project, a logo development for a coffee bar.
i worked on it together with  Phillipp Doerrie , a good friend and great graphic artist and illustrator.
unfortunately the whole thing got canceled due to a change of plans on the part of the client,
but i still like the feel of the construction drawings, so i show them here.
they are all earlier stages of the development.

early doodle

first letter construction, the client had asked for art-déco elements...

adding details, this was of course only the mother logo and would be simplified in later steps
closer look at the handlettering

early test logo, already simplified a lot

More Motortalk

Sep 11, 2012


some nice cartoon drawings i did for a trailer
for the online message board "" in 2010.
i love the bluntness of the characters.

view the clip here

the flash programming was done by someone else,
but i don't know who it was. i just drew the frames.


little brewery logos i made for the 2F board game "Fürstenfeld"

Sep 10, 2012


i drew this for Klein & Halm Berlin some time ago as a cover design pitch for a spanish dictionary.
olé. makes me think about holidays as a kid.
everytime i spotted the giant bull on the hills next to the motorway,
i knew it wouldn't be long until we reached the camp ground. i wonder if it's still there...

Good Morning

i hope everyone's weekend was as fantastic as mine.

Sep 7, 2012

La Famiglia Part 2

Bellini's Fruit Store painted version

some shabby apartment house

the complete street

Fashion Stuff

these were done for a fashion campaign pitch for Waterfront Bremen some time ago.
the second one was not completely serious, of course, but i love it.

Sep 6, 2012

La Famiglia Part 1

when the 2F game "La Famiglia" was produced, my friend Maura asked me if i
wanted to paint the background artworks. i wanted to. since they are always quite
invisible behind Mauras characters and the cards are so small, i want to show them
here again, because i really like them.

sketch of Bellini's fruit store (first steps)

the sleazy right wing lap dance bar that owns some more rooms upstairs

the dirty little super market that was vandalized by some mysterious graffiti crew

the backyard dentist and Al's reputable auto service

Sep 4, 2012


more old stuff,
since i don't have anything new at the moment that i can already post here...

a comic, based on another story of  H.H.Schmitz called "Das Verliehene Buch"
(the lent book) that i drew in 2005 to show it on the book fair in Leipzig.

it's called "Sonntag".