Jul 14, 2014

Deciples Of Reverb

a few weeks ago, when i got an email from Jaque Kilauea asking me
if i could do the artwork for the new KILAUEAS! LP i was really excited!
a cover for a surf band, definately a missing point on my illustrators to-do list...
plus they'll tour the US west coast next month, so the art is going to spread, too.

and now the waiting is over and i got to lay my hands on the fresh printed album yesterday!
go get it here !

and since you WILL wonder about that band name: look it up on the mighty interweb...

Jul 7, 2014

Made Of Love: Meet The Little Paper People!

...aaaaaaaaaaaaaand it's on air!  :)

the second paper stop-motion-spot i had the opportunity to be a little part of earlier this year. 
see the little paper farm and the burger construction crew here !

i'm really amazed about the giant amount of work that was done in such a short period of time.
you can only begin to imagine how much it really was when you see the making-of-movie...

here are some of the artworks (some got kicked out short before the end, but i show them anyway...):

Jul 4, 2014

Evil Offspring

i redesigned two Darko Drexler covers for the paperback edition recently.
it is soooo much nicer to draw evil characters...